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Bamboo Maintenance

Bamboo Maintenance
  1. The total width for sustainable management of a spreading bamboo screen is 5 feet.
  2. The minimum width of the bamboo screen is 3 feet.
  3. Sand traps make removal of rhizomes easy. Dig traps 1 foot wide x 1 foot deep.
  4. Rhizomes spread through mulch and top soil, never deep, especially in clay.
  5. Remove rhizomes three times through the growing season.
  6. Mulch 4 inches over the soil. Fertilize annually (turf fertilizer).
  7. Use only HDPE barrier to deflect rhizomes. Never leave rhizomes against the barrier, as it will break.

Designing Gardens with Bamboo

Designing Gardens with Bamboo

Why Grow Clumping Bamboos?

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